Hi There, this is my other Hijab Tutorial Video. Hijab Tutorial Using Pashmina Scarf, I made in two style.
First Stye: Hana Tajima Style in
Other Way, more simple and easy.
Second Style Necklace Style You can
wear it when you in hurry but also keep stylish.
Ok Guys..
Happy Watching and Have a Try at home yaa..


.AM/ @DHILAwibi




  1. September 16, 2012  11:32 pm by jessfa

    Yay! I love easy hijab style and have recently decided to wear hijab : ) I've chosen Hana's style as my FAV! It's so easy and fabulous~

  2. April 20, 2013  10:34 am by farkam

    I also have a simple hijab style, but it's pretty plain and lazy. :P This is really feminine, and I love it!

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