Friniggi Hijab in Navy (1,100 HL Points)

Lightweight, moisture management fabric keeps you cool and dries quickly.

– One piece. No pins required.
– Specialized cut to cover chest, but compact shape.
– No choking feeling under the chin.
– A sports hijab that looks like regular hijab and without that alien-head/scuba diver look.

Quantity Available: 1

About Friniggi:
friniggi’s purpose is to enable Muslim women to participate in sports without compromising her faith. We aim to encourage sporting activities among Muslim women and to contribute substantially to the development of women’s sports in the global Muslim community.

friniggi Sportswear has a sponsorship program, the 12th Girl Project, for both amateur and professional athletes. Visit for more information.

Interested? Write “friniggi” in the box below and we’ll email you with further details if you have enough points!
Only fill this up if you have at least 1,100 points. Your points will fall to 0 otherwise and we will not reinstate the number of points that you had originally.




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